Answers to some common questions about respite care

Although caring for an elderly, disabled or chronically ill person is enormously rewarding, it can drain one emotionally and physically. It is no wonder that a vast majority of caregivers go down in stress and extreme physical exhaustion to the point of requiring some form of care themselves. However, this can be avoided by seeking respite care. Caring for an old or ill person round the clock is not an easy task even for professionals let alone family members. A caregiver requires occasional respite or break from their responsibilities to restore energy, relieve stress and promote balance in their life. So, what is respite care? This article will seek to answer this question among others that are commonly asked about respite care in Melbourne and the surrounding environs.

what is respite care

What is respite care?

Respite care is a form of support for you as the caregiver and the person you are caring for. It is also known as short-term care. It allows the caregiver to take occasional breaks from his or her caring responsibilities, could be a few hours in a week or a few weeks in a year so as to refresh and run their personal errands.

How does respite care help?

Having known what is respite care, you might want to ask whether it really helps. First and foremost, respite care helps you to keep your life in balance because it gives you time to take care of other responsibilities in your life such as your family and work. Besides that, it offers you a chance to shed off the stress that comes with caregiving and regain energy for tasks ahead. So respite care can prevent you from becoming isolated, overwhelmed and exhausted.

How do I find and plan for respite care?

Planning begins with analyzing your needs and those of your loved one. As the caregiver, is regular free time what you need? Or is it just support? Or perhaps help with transportation? Asking these questions will help you determine the most appropriate skills, type, location and frequency of respite services to pursue. It’s also imperative to assess your loved one’s abilities, requirements and preferences.

What are the types of respite care services available?

A common type of service is the in-home respite care service. As the name suggests, these services are provided at home by a paid help or a volunteer on a regular basis. Another form of respite care is the out-of-home respite care service. This will involve taking your loved one to a care center during the period when you want a break. Respite care services are now being offered in most of the Melbourne aged care centers. If you are around Wantirna, you can find a good Wantirna aged care center providing respite services. You may inquire for the services in the aged care centre near you.

How do I select the best services?

Never be in a rush to hire a respite care service. Conduct a background check before you engage the person, agency or center. Make sure that their skills match your needs, and they are adequately equipped for the services. Discuss the payment schedules and do not pay for the services in advance. For your health tips, visit

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