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How to Safely Use Vibration Machines When Exercising

The advent of vibration machines provided consumers with a new exercise equipment that promises effective weight loss results. In fact, the results were so efficient that there was a hype around it, causing demand from manufacturers like Cardio Tech. Nowadays, it is among one of the most sought after exercise equipment along with treadmills and elliptical trainers.

When you invest in a vibration machine from Cardio Tech, you try to learn how do vibration machines work. However, it is not enough that you are aware of how to use it. It is also equally important to know the prevailing dangers of this machine and its use in order to maximize its benefits and reduce risks.

If you are investing in a CV9 vibration machine – dubbed as the ultimate in vibration exercise – or any other model of vibration exercise machines, follow these safety guidelines at all times:

Rule #1: Keep the exercise short and intense.

According to fitness experts, the ideal time to spend on a vibration machine is 10-15 minutes at a time. If you want to do a longer workout, it is important to take a few breaks in between. Do not do 30 to 40 minutes on a vibration machine at a time. Instead, break it up to 3 or 4 10-minute sessions each.

Rule #2: Be careful when increasing intensity level.

If you have been exercising on the vibration platform for a while, you might be tempted to ‘test’ yourself and opt for a higher intensity. If you want to increase the intensity to elevate your fitness level, it is fine. However, do not push your body beyond its limits. Always be aware of your own body and how much more work it can take.

Rule #3: If you feel uncomfortable, stop.

In relation to the tip above, you should never push yourself too hard that you start to experience pain or feel uncomfortable. When this happens, stop immediately. Before you begin workout again, you need to think about minimizing the vibrations so you can workout without straining yourself too much.

Rule #4: For beginners, do exercises in a standing position.

There is simply no getting your way around this particular rule if you are a beginner. When you are standing, it is easier for your body to absorb the vibration. Make sure that both feet are planted firmly on the platform in a stable manner. For your shoes, choose ones with a rubber bottom to provide maximum grip.

Rule #5: Always keep your eyes open.

This will avoid loss of balance and create awareness of your body position. If you suffer from dizziness, avoid lowering your head as this can aggravate the problem. Dizziness can also be a side effect of the vibrating motion. But if you feel like you are too dizzy to continue, you should stop exercising immediately.

It is recommended that you become familiar with the proper way to use a vibrating machine before you exercise with it. Also, when you buy equipment from Cardio Tech or some other manufacturers, they will provide you with a user’s manual. Read that manual, especially the safety guidelines and tips, in order to exercise safely and effectively.

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