What To Expect in Prenatal Exercises For Soon To Be Mums

Are soon to be mums allowed to hit a few exercises? The answer is yes! If you’re an expecting mother, you should break a sweat and move your body a few times a week! In fact, physiotherapists agree that the mother’s body should undergo care as well as some movements. You can find trusted professionals who are doing exercises and care for mothers needing prenatal Pilates and other safe pre-natal exercises that are recommended.

Workout for Mums

What is prenatal exercise? It is a series of physical activities that are safe to do during pregnancy. A pregnancy exercise routine like Pilates is simply mild to moderate, so you’re not harming the baby in any way.

In fact, you can incorporate your daily movements such as walking, going up the stairs or even stationary biking if you have one at home! Moreover, a 2011 research study by Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences says that doing prenatal exercise is good for you and your baby.

Exercise for Preggy Mums

Getting excited for the day that you will see the baby? The anticipation is real! But part of prenatal care includes proper diet, good mental health and regular safe exercises for pregnant women. Like exercises prenatal Pilates is offering, these assure the mum’s body to move in a safe way.

Here are three common prenatal exercises that new and experienced mums are doing in prenatal fitness class they enrolled in:

  1. Water Aerobics – This is a low-impact aerobic exercise that will stimulate the muscles of your body and at the same time, the water supports the body. Being a safe routine for expecting mums, it is recommended by doctors. You can do prenatal squats, knee-ups, and other prenatal water exercises allowed.
  1. Pilates Exercises – Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on the core, trunk, improves body posture and balance. Like water aerobics, it is a series of low-impact activities. The activities in prenatal Pilates are best for mums wanting to overcome backaches and promote better labour. Examples are pelvic tilts, pelvic floor muscle exercise and deep tummy strengthening.
  1. Prenatal Yoga – Maintain your body shape or lose some weight with yoga during pregnancy. It is calm and relaxing while allowing the body to move and break a sweat. Like Pilates exercises, they use mats in yoga sessions for support, safety and comfort. Poses like the wide seated forward fold, seated side bend, and cat-cow are part of prenatal yoga.

Benefits of Prenatal Exercises

So how do prenatal exercises become beneficial for mums? Read the three important benefits below:

  1. Ease Back Pain for mums – from supporting the growing belly bump, mums need to work on their core and trunk.
  2. Lose mum’s belly fat – the belly grows a little extra for some mums, so she might want to lose some weight.
  3. Improves mum’s body – exercises like Pilates improves the mum’s core and trunk which is one of the supports of the body. It also strengthens the muscles.

Pilates for Pregnant Mums

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